Our Safe Network

Our Safe Network

Proactive Bot Notification

As a new feature of the Constant Guard®, we may notify you if we believe a computer behind your cable modem may be infected with a type of virus called a Bot. A Bot is a malicious form of software that could use your computer to send spam, host a phishing site, or steal your identity by monitoring your keystrokes. The notification will advise you to go to the Constant Guard Bot Assistance where you can access resources to help you remove the Bot from your computer.

DNS Service

At Comcast, we're pleased to enhance Comcast Constant Guard® with the addition of DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC), delivering you a more secure Internet experience. As the first major Internet Service Provider (ISP) to do so in the United States, you should know that you are among the first to be getting these new security capabilities and that we continue to push for a more secure Internet experience for you, as well as a more secure global Internet.

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