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How to Protect Your Mobile Device

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You may want to share your vacation pictures with your friends, offer your opinions on Twitter, or schedule a meeting with five of your coworkers, but there are other things on your mobile device that you would like to keep to yourself. Unfortunately, as technology evolves, so do the hackers and viruses. Think your desktop computer is the only target? Think again. Susan Jin Davis, VP of strategic services at Comcast, says that cybercrime of the mobile variety is a "growing trend." Mobile devices lack certain basic security measures because they are geared more toward the consumer market than the corporate one. That can leave you, the consumer, susceptible to mobile attacks.

Here are 7 quick and easy tips to help you protect your devices:

  • Delete emails and texts that contain confidential information.
  • Beware of apps! Stick to the Apple Store and Android Market when you download them, and read the fine print in the description of the app itself. What information does it access?
  • Be wary of connecting to unsecured Wi-Fi networks. They can make your device vulnerable while you surf the web.
  • Check your bank account often, particularly if you access it through a mobile device. A major privacy flaw was discovered in the Google Wallet app last year.
  • Think before you click. Malicious links can be sent via email and text message.
  • Updates can be about more than just little tweaks and bells and whistles. Make sure you are up-to-date on security software.
  • It may be basic, but use strong passwords and autolock features. If you are still one of the many people using "password1" to protect your information, change it as soon as you finish reading this.

To further protect your mobile device please download Constant Guard for your iOS and Android devices.


Tome Wilson is a Product Development Engineer at Comcast.