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What You Should Know About Parental Controls

Parental controls help parents manage a child's use of television in several ways. These features are usually protected by a password that allows parents to make changes or bypass the controls. Blocking allows parents to "lock out" individual channels.

Blocking can be set-up on any of the following categories:

  • Title Locks allow parents to "lock out" individual programs.
  • TV Rating Locks allow parents to establish an age-appropriate viewing experience for shows created for television. Learn More
  • Movie Rating Locks allow parents to establish an age-appropriate media experience for feature-length movies.
  • Channel Locks provide parents with the option block specific channels.

Put parental controls to work for you

Learn how to set and modify parental controls based on your service area

Many televisions offer built-in parental controls based on television ratings. In addition, make sure to use Comcast's wide range of parental controls for cable services.

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