Digital Reputation

For Parents

Help Protect your Digital Reputation

It's that time of year again - time for our kids to head back to school. For many of our older kids, going back to school not only means new teachers, home work, and sports. It also means status updates on social networking sites and more and more online media consumption. What your children do online increasingly affects their offline quality of life - from college interviews to employment recruiting. A "digital reputation" now follows us everywhere we go, and there are important steps we think you should know about as your kids head back to school.

Take a look at these videos - we think they are informative and easy to understand. Also, as your kids head back to school, we recommend taking the opportunity to download our Cyber Safety Challenge for younger or older children. These small steps can help keep you talking about the importance of safer online activity!

Back to school tip: Back up your important schoolwork!

Social Networking Tips

Social Networking is the latest way to communicate. While social networking sites are a fun way to stay in touch, share information and interests you need to be aware of the potential dangers associated with social networking.