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There are three basic types of firewalls and each has pros and cons.

Your options include:

  • Software Firewalls - Software firewalls can be installed on individual computers and are a good choice for most home users. However, most software firewalls must be purchased, and each computer connected to the Internet may need its own copy. Also, installation and set up may be required. As a XFINITY Internet subscriber, you can download Norton™ Security Suite at no additional cost that includes firewall software protection to help conceal your computer from hackers and spyware.
  • Hardware Routers - Hardware routers provide firewall protection to multiple computers connected to the Internet and may offer other connectivity benefits. However, their wiring can create clutter on already crowded desktops.
  • Wireless Routers - Wireless routers allow "over the air" connections between your computer, other devices, and the Internet. These routers may or may not include a built-in firewall, so be sure to check the features of your model carefully. Also keep in mind that wireless routers broadcast information using radio signals that, if left unprotected, can be intercepted by unauthorized individuals.

How to protect yourself with a firewall

  • Decide which firewall works best for you.
  • Install and, if necessary, configure the firewall for your computer and network.
  • Monitor your firewall settings to ensure they are providing the intended level of protection.
Download Norton Security Suite  Download Norton for Mac

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